We’re Glad You’re Here

We’d love to answer your questions and help you learn more about Pickens Presbyterian Church.

Please join us at 10:30am between Sunday School and our Worship Service for refreshments and fellowship in All Saints’ Hall. We would like to meet you and get to know you better.

We have Sunday School at 9:30AM and Sunday Worship at 11:00AM. During Sunday AM activities we meet at our church building at 311 West Main Street, Pickens, SC 29671. Come and worship the Lord with us!

Grace evokes gratitude! The Church of Jesus Christ finds its life and work in the creative, redemptive, and sustaining grace of the Living God.

As an expression of this Church, Pickens Presbyterian Church is a joyful body of believers. Thankful for the grace of God in Jesus Christ, we gather for worship and learning, and we support one another and others through fellowship and service.

The main entrance to our church is through the big white columns that faces West Main street.. This set of doors brings you into the foyer that leads directly into our worship area.

There will be some each week that chose to wear a suit and tie, jeans and a shirt, dresses, dress pants, etc. Our only expectation is that what ever clothing a person decides to wear that it be modest and respectful of those that may be around them.

Our time at PPC is to be spent focusing on Jesus and not on one another because of clothing that may be a distraction to anyone’s worship experience.

311 West Main Street, Pickens, SC 29671

Still have questions? You can contact us here!