About Pickens Presbyterian Church

Grace evokes gratitude! The Church of Jesus Christ finds its life and work in the creative, redemptive, and sustaining grace of the Living God. As an expression of this Church, Pickens Presbyterian Church is a joyful body of believers. Thankful for the grace of God in Jesus Christ, we gather for worship and learning, and we support one another and others through fellowship and service.

The Five Solas

The five “solas” that arose from the 16th century Protestant Reformation are statements of faith and how we are to regard our relationship with God and the church. The leaders of the reformation believed that the church had strayed away from the essential basic beliefs, concentrating too much on rules and practices. Their goal was to bring the church back to the original message of Jesus and the early church.

“Scripture alone”: states that the Holy Bible is the inspired word of God and is our authority for our faith and spiritual practices. It gives us all we need concerning our belief.

Sola Fide “Faith alone”: Our salvation comes through our faith in God’s grace and our belief in Jesus Christ through his death and resurrection, not through any good works that we perform even though we should be compelled to act justly through and because of our faith. We cannot buy credit to enter into God’s grace by works and deeds.

Sola Gratia “Grace alone”: We are saved through God’s grace. It’s not our own doing, but is a gift from God, because we are unworthy of His wonderful grace. Our human nature leads us to act unjustly, but God touches our hearts to preserve and keep us.

“Christ alone”: God has given us the divine gift of His Son Jesus Christ who came to earth to save all of us, and through his sacrificial death, and through our belief and faith in him alone are we saved. Nothing should take away from our personal relationship and our attention to the one true God.

“To the Glory of God Alone”: Our aim in life should be in our glorification of God alone as He is our only means of salvation.